Everything Is Fake

by Sunset Pig

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released October 18, 2013

Jeremy Clymer
Andrew Ernst
Will Foraker



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Sunset Pig Indiana

We love you.

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Track Name: Everything Is Fake
Old and now forgot my sound, time keeps running
Life is fast and plans without golden learning
Always rest I'm resting now, while unfurling
Everything is fake outside, world keeps turning

Can't see
Can't hear
Can't taste
Can't feel

Waves and oceans catch their stride
Plastic seashore, plastic sky
Not long ago no way to know just where the horizon ends
But now it seems that those were dreams and everything is pretend

Everything is fake
Track Name: I Go Numb (feat. Will Foraker)
(Don't Set foot in a cab in Ocho Rios Don't make plans in Paris 'til you touch down This world is filled with shuck-&-jivers, sweet talkers & thieves & liars-- you're probably better off walking your ass around.)

Stars shine on the sandy shaded alcoves of the hanging garden walls// When a sweet September sun goes down in Mexico the time just seems to stall.

Lately I've been sleeping close to not at all hoping for a call that never, ever plans to come

Gratefully these things are in my head, I never said enough to unabashedly be under thumb.

still, when I think about you, I go numb.
Track Name: Want
All the want in the world won't take your faking make it indigo and be something real

All the lights in the night won't make your darkest days seem so bright and shine in your mind

Oh oh oh oh...oh
Track Name: Drowned In Sound
Waves crash down at the speed of sound, oh no
Lonely fields in the middle of town, oh no
My mind is always soaked in dew, oh no
Car crash blues with a lighter hue, oh no

Drowned in sound
Track Name: Breezy
Shine your light and run away, climb the ladder
Shine your light and run away, it don't matter

You're so breezy

Crack a smile and turn away from the camera
Crack a smile and turn away when I tell you

You're so breezy

You're onto something
But got no words to say
So sing your blues away